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ECOGRILL (smokeless charcoal roaster)

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ECOGRILL (smokeless charcoal roaster)


│Feature & Specification│

  • Model code : ECGH-100S
  • Fuel used : Liquefied butane gas + ceramic charcoal (oak woodcharcoal)
  • Ignition method : Piezoelectric ignition method
  • Governor safety equipment operation format : Flow blockagetype
  • Gas consumption rate : 165g/hr
  • Dimensions : 47 X 29 X 11 cm/2.5 kg
  • Material : Main body (stainless steel), Grill (aluminum + Teflon coating)
  • Basic composition : Main body, grill, water catch pan, three pieces of ceramic charcoal, storage bag
  • Full set composition : Main body, grill, water catch pan, oven cover, frying pan, pot support grill, three pieces of ceramic charcoal, storage bag

    - Main body, pot support grill, water catch pan : OEM production in China
    - Grill, frying pan, oven cover : Korea
    - Manufacturing and assembly of governor (gas pressure adjuster) and key components : Korea
    - Final country of production : Korea

01. Teflon coated grill
- It is designed to allow placing of the fully cooked meat to prevent the meat from hardening or burning.

02. Detachable water catch pan
- It can be detached by sliding it out to make cleaning easy and prevent oil from spattering.

03. Ordinary charcoal & ceramic charcoal
- Taste of meat is greatly improved due to the far infrared radiation produced by the ceramic charcoal. “Three pieces of ceramic charcoal are included in the basic composition set.”

04. Dual structure for thermal insulation
- The main body has a dual structure for thermal insulation.

05. Supplemented safety

06. Upgraded pressure control device (core component)

07. Upgraded safety of fire power


│Product Introduction (Grill)│

  • When using an ordinary frying pan and charcoal roaster

    - Fat from the meat falls onto the burning charcoal and generates smoke that contains a large quantity of Class 1 carcinogenic substance, benzopyrene.

    - When meat is roasted using an ordinary frying pan, it may become hard quickly and the taste changes as time passes.

  • When Eco-Grill is used

    - It is designed to place the meat that is fully cooked in order to prevent hardening or burning of the meat, and fat from the meat does not fall directly onto the charcoal,thereby preventing production of smoke.

    - Grooves on the grill are in “S” shape to prevent the sliced vegetables and meat from falling down.


│Product Introduction (Oil Catch Pan)│

  • Detachable oil catch pan
    - Oil that falls while roasting the meat is gathered in the oil catch pan, which is fully detachable to enable easy cleaning.


│Product Introduction (Dual Structure)│

  • Dual structure
    - The three sides of the main body is built in dual structure in order to effectively block thermal conduction between the inside and outside of the main body.


│Product Introduction (Oven Cover)│

  • Unsliced pork belly and whole chicken can be barbequed easily and conveniently by using the oven cover.


│Product Introduction (Fry Pan and Pot Support Grill)│

  • Frying pan
    - A wide range of dishes including fried rice and egg can be cooked as it is Teflon coated.

  • Pot support grill
    - It is made of steel with enamel coating. It is placed on the main body to enable the unit to be used as an ordinary gas stove for boiling water, and cooking instant noodle and stew, etc.

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